Rollover Self-Study

How to Succeed with IRA Rollovers by Really Trying

Goal of the Course

  • Work Smarter to Win More Business with Low Exposure
  • Give Retirement Investors Better Choices

Who should take the course?

  • Financial advisors and all who service or support IRA Rollovers

Benefits of taking the course:

  • Examine alternatives for accessing the market
  • Develop pricing & profits from rollover business
  • Learn best practices for serving rollovers
  • Uncover strategies to limit exposures and how to implement them

Course content:

  • Module 1: Smart Ways to Access Rollovers
  • Module 2: Smart Rollover Practices
  • Module 3: Smart Pricing
  • Module 4: Managing Exposures

INTRODUCTORY RATE: The Individual Rate for Rollover Self-Study will be $99.


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