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Through detailed analyses, DALBAR supports firms in providing the best contact center customer experience. Industry-leading criteria are used to evaluate contact center services allowing firms to pinpoint areas of improvement and reach long-term business goals.

Call Center

The Service Quality Measurement (SQM) program monitors and benchmarks the quality of service being delivered to your customers.


The automated phone system is the first voice your customers hear, our independent reviews make sure it is contributing to, rather than detracting from, their experience.

Chat and Email

Email and chat are crucial service channels. Our expertise can ensure that both you and your customers get the most out of them.

Ranked against the best...

DALBAR's Service Quality Measurement program doesn’t just let you know how you are doing, we also let you know exactly how you stack up against some of the biggest and best players in the industry. Our benchmarks are broken out by product and audience, providing you with an apples-to-apples comparison to your competition.

See where you rank...

Each year DALBAR recognizes best-in-class providers with the coveted DALBAR Service Award.

Service Award

Custom Solutions

Firms with unique goals might need a solution specifically tailored to their needs. 

  • Customized Call Center Evaluations provide a third party review of the quality of service being provided. 
  • A Gap Analysis gives a detailed assessment of your call center service, pinpointing and prioritizing areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement.
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Service Quality Measurement

The Service Quality Measurement (SQM) Program is an objective third party evaluation of the quality of service being provided by a financial services call center. Randomly sampled customer interactions are evaluated monthly, against criteria designed to provide a holistic view of the customer’s experience while recognizing the unique regulatory and compliance environment in which you operate.

Measurement is the key to a great customer experience

  • Obtain industry benchmarks to help prioritize and improve service delivery
  • Recognize strengths and weaknesses and receive detailed actions for improvement
  • Gain insight on competitor quality and provide a basis for incentive compensation
  • Receive public recognition for industry-leading performance
  • Get support and guidance to improve training and shape management of staff

Evaluations are performed for:

  •   Annuity contract owners
  •   Financial advisors service
  •   Mutual fund shareholders
  •   Life, disability and LTC policyholders
  •   Retirement plan participants

Interactive Voice Response

The automated phone system is probably the first voice your customers hear when they reach out to your company. Through an independent third-party review, DALBAR can help make sure that the IVR is contributing to, rather than detracting from the customer’s experience.

Reap the benefits of a well-designed IVR

A well designed IVR is not just a method of routing calls to the appropriate departments; they can be a service channel in and of themselves. Customers benefit from expanded capabilities and the ability to get information and make transactions 24/7, while companies benefit in the form of reduced call volumes. Effective IVR’s can also reduce handle times by pre-authenticating callers; allowing representatives to focus on solving the caller’s issues rather than going through lengthy security checks.

Optimize your performance

DALBAR’s IVR reviews compare your organization’s automated phone system to established best practices. We help you optimize your performance through specific recommendations and help balance the customer experience and business objectives. Reviews can be done for both traditional menu-based systems as well as AI-powered natural language solutions

Chat & Email

There is little one can do to hault the rapid increase in technology and the high expectations of modern users. Every customer interaction counts and each service channel should be optimized for the best customer experience possible.

Chat is now an expected service channel

As adoption rates rise and customer expectations evolve, Chat is increasingly becoming an expected service channel. Potential cost savings over other channels (particularly phone) and Chat’s potential to increase self-service by assisting customers using web or mobile interfaces has piqued the interest of financial service providers.

Make the most of your chat interactions

The service expectations for Chat are unique, and understanding those expectations and the Chat landscape will be critical to firms solidifying their Chat strategy. Recognizing this need, DALBAR provides Chat evaluations as part of our Customer Experience Audit lineup, leveraging our customer experience expertise and refined methodology to help providers make the most of their Chat interactions.

Don't overlook email when it comes to service quality

Email is one of the primary means by which financial service providers interact with their customers, and even more so with financial advisors and other intermediaries. Encrypted Email tools are magnifying this importance as account-specific information can now be discussed electronically. Unfortunately, Email is also one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to service quality.

DALBAR can help you improve the customer experience through reviews of both email templates and actual email threads with your customers.

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions allow us to serve each customer's unique needs. Using a superior standard of care we provide the data that will mean the most to help achieve your goals.

Customized Call Center Evaluation

DALBAR’s call center expertise is not limited to our off-the-shelf products. Through a close consultation with our contact center experts, we can structure an engagement that will meet your firm’s specific needs while still leveraging DALBAR’s four decades of call center quality monitoring experience.

Gap Analysis

The Gap Analysis provides a detailed assessment of your call center service, pinpointing and prioritizing areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement. Random sampling is used to capture the customer service experience and involves selection of a representative sample of call activities.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Analysis of key findings

Itemized strengths and challenges

Industry-leading examples for improvements

Recommendations on potential enhancements to productivity, training, measurement systems and infrastructure

30 minute consultation with DALBAR's Call Evaluation Experts

Benchmarks within each key area for comparison purposes

(based on call volume)



CXA iCoach: Call Quality Software for Remote Contact Centers

As a leading expert in contact center business practices, DALBAR recognizes the challenge of consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences with the sudden shift to remote teams. Our self-evaluation and coaching solution for remote representatives and virtual contact centers will let you meet these challenges head on.

Improve Customer Service with this Valuable Tool

The following videos show the benefits and give a demo of the DALBAR CXA iCoach solution, combining our proprietary criteria and over 40 years of industry research. It allows Contact Center Managers and Quality Teams to continue to improve and provide a better customer experience even when they aren't at a physical location.

Learn About the Many Benefits of this Call Quality and Coaching Software

Get a Deeper Understanding of How the Tool Works in this Demonstration

Talk to us about how we can help you achieve your goals or customize an offering for your unique needs!