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Customer Experience is King

The Customer Experience Audit (CXA), provides a deep understanding of your current CX and determines areas for improvement and other corrective action necessary to achieve success. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, Customer Experience is king. While this is true in all industries, it is particularly true in financial services where there is less product predictability from one provider to the next. Those companies that are able to consistently deliver a Superior Standard of Care stand to be the big winners in the “Age of the Customer”. These firms will also be able to build loyalty that will allow them to manage crises better than their competitors.

Gain Industry Insight and Achieve Success

Using proprietary criteria based on years of industry research, DALBAR supports financial services firms in their pursuit of a Superior Standard of Care to deliver a consistent omni-channel customer experience. Through the identification of trends and best practices and consistent monitoring, firms are able to:

  • Exceed industry standards
  • Correct Weak Points
  • Reduce Costs
  • Achieve Consistency
  • Reach Business Goals

A Solution to Fit Your Unique Needs

Our CXA program is not a one-size-fits-all but a customizable solution tailored to your unique needs. DALBAR’s decades of expertise includes but are not limited to the following touchpoints, encompassing the vast majority of customer interactions:

  •   Phone
  •   Web
  •   Mobile
  •   Statements
  •   Email
  •   Chat
  •   Personal Interactions

Consistently Deliver a Superior Standard of Care

DALBAR has been guiding the financial services, retirement and insurance industries to deliver a Superior Standard of Care to their customers for over 40 years. Over that time DALBAR has earned a reputation for consistent and unbiased evaluations. Our focus offers an understanding of your products, audiences, and the tight regulatory requirements under which you operate.

DALBAR has an ongoing understanding of industry norms as they change over time. We will let you know where you are in line, where you are ahead of the competition and where you are falling behind.

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