Customer Experience Audit (CXA)

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, Customer Experience is king. While this is true in all industries, it is particularly true in financial services where there is less product predictability from one provider to the next. Those companies that are able to consistently deliver a Superior Standard of Care stand to be the big winners in the “Age of the Customer”. These firms will also be able to build loyalty that will allow them to manage crises better than their competitors.


The Customer Experience is clearly a key differentiator and something which can drive long-term success. – What now?

For your CX to be competitive, the first step is to understand how well you are doing. By understanding your CX, you can determine areas for improvement or other corrective actions necessary to achieve success.

The Customer Experience Audit (“CXA”) complements other methods to provide the deep understanding needed to maintain and enhance the customer experience. CXA examines and experiences the actual customer interactions and:

  • Uses a uniform automated system to provide detailed and consistent evaluations of these interactions in all media… Phone, Paper, Digital and Personal.
  • Compares each firm’s results to an extensive universe that reveals what customers experience at other relevant institutions.
  • Continuously revises automated evaluations to reflect the consensus of changing trends in customer reactions and preferences.
  • Eliminates bias that is inherent in internal measurements and surveys.
  • Delivers very detailed and actionable feedback.


In order to truly deliver a Superior Standard of Care, companies need to ensure that customers have a positive experience regardless of which channel they choose to interact through. DALBAR's Customer Experience Audit expertise includes but are not limited to these touchpoints, encompassing the vast majority of customer interactions:

  • Phone
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Statements
  • Email
  • Chat
  • IVR
  • Personal Interactions


This program is a customized subscription fit for each firm’s unique needs. For more information on how to improve your CX, contact Brooke Halloran at (617) 624-7273 or

For more information about DALBAR's Customer Experience Audit, please contact Cory Clark at 617.624.7156.