Investor Preferences are constantly evolving and today’s customers expect much more of the companies they choose to do business with. A solid understanding of what your customers are looking for is critical to meeting their stated and unstated needs. According to a recent study by Bain & Company* - 80% of companies believe they provide a “Superior experience” yet only 8% of customers agree with that sentiment.

Don't panic – DALBAR is here to help! We will be applying our own Customer Experience expertise, combined with input from some of the top providers in the financial services industry, to determine exactly where customer preferences lie.

Benefit from the Investor’s point of view in web, mobile, contact centers and statements. Your survey will include 500 specifically profiled respondents with assets between $100k and $500k.

*Bain & Company “Closing the Delivery Gap” 2018


For more information about DALBAR's QAIB, please contact Cory Clark at 617.624.7156.