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Eligible for a DALBAR Award? 8 Ways Firms are Sharing the News

Being commended for a job well done always feels good but awards can also impact a firm’s bottom line. Earning recognition by a 3rd party boosts retention rates and gives companies the opportunity to tout their achievement to potential customers, showing they are above the rest. Earning awards also increases employee motivation and fosters a sense of pride in working for your company. DALBAR awards are given to those who have achieved a high standard and undergone the proprietary measurement systems developed over decades of industry research. Award eligible companies have found great ways to promote their DALBAR accomplishment. 

Press Releases

Many of our award winners send the news out to the masses by posting a press release - a potentially huge reward through exposure to a very large audience if picked up by other news outlets.

HM Capital Management uses its press release to describe the scrupulous process DALBAR used during the 3(38) Certification and adds a quote from their President explaining why they put their company to the test.

Transamerica, Putnam Investments and Pacific Life took advantage of Call Center achievements through their preferred press release service, all of which have quick sharing options for social media.

Social Media Posts

Another medium for high capacity viewing is through social media channels. Posting a link to a press release or to the company’s website announcement not only makes current and potential customers aware of the accomplishment, it also drives traffic to your firm's website! Viewers have the option to comment on the original post, share it on their profile or re-post with a personal message.

Pacific Life and BMO used custom graphics on Twitter to display their service awards while New York Life Investments chose a photo of the office for their Facebook post, explaining that they are busy working on their next DALBAR award.

Share the News with Employees

In addition to posting on company social media profiles, sharing the news with employees is crucial. Employees will be the most appreciative of the award particularly if they had some part in achieving it, and they will be the driving force in promoting it on social media.

Many of Primerica’s employees shared the news of their award in their own way. Some used the DALBAR seal and some posted the link to the company’s press release.

Leverage 3rd Party Announcement

Another great way to brag about the accomplishment is to take advantage of the 3rd party who awarded it, we mean us! :) DALBAR often posts press releases and congratulates award winners through social media. Sharing the press release on the company’s website or social media posts increases awareness and encourages interaction.

Check out our Press Release page or visit our social media pages (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).

Email Signature

DALBAR awards often come with artwork! These images can be placed in high exposure locations such as your firm’s corporate home page, or more subtle placements such as an email signature. A simple yet effective graphic of the award in one’s signature gets it noticed without being too obtrusive.

One Guardian employee has chosen to place the seal awards in their email signature with a brief blurb about the awards and a link to read more about the criteria used to qualify the firm for this achievement.


And for the masses that are hopefully visiting your website, it is a great place to display that artwork. Plus it can’t hurt to use it as a backlink from the company’s press release or any other digital marketing.

Guardian, Newport Group and ICMA-RC all chose to showcase their DALBAR award on a dedicated Awards page.

Primerica uses a blog with a custom graphic to promote their award while John Hancock Retirement Plan Services used the First Impressions seal artwork within the scrolling banner on their advisor homepage. BMO also boasted their award-winning statement in a banner on their website. The image showcases the company’s #1 rated enrollment experience.


A highly visual and effective medium is video. Strategically placing awards in a video promoting achievements is yet another means to boost your firm’s credibility in the eyes of your audience.

Nationwide compiled a very appealing video that inconspicuously displays their achievements including of course their DALBAR awards.

Other Marketing Materials 

And finally, don’t forget about all outbound materials. Leafhouse Financial Advisors informed their clients of the 3(38) Certification they received from DALBAR in this marketing piece. Displaying award artwork in email marketing only makes good sense or linking to the Web page with the company’s listed achievements is also a great idea.

Applicability must always be considered. DALBAR gives awards for statements, why not add award artwork to those paper documents? Received an award for your mobile app? Displaying your award within your mobile app is certainly not off-limits!

DALBAR stands ready to assist you in making the most of the recognition you receive!

Is your firm an eligible award winner? Check our listing A-Z.

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