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    DALBAR, Inc. is the financial community’s leading independent expert for evaluating, auditing
    and rating business practices, customer performance, product quality and service.
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    DALBAR's QAIB Presents:
    The VA Breakthrough
    Answering the Attack on Fees - variable annuities have not been able to effectively respond to
    the blistering criticism of high fees and surrender charges...
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    DALBAR's Advisor Recruitment Study
    How is the Financial Services industry attracting the next wave of advisor talent?
    Get unprecedented insight into the advisor recruitment marketplace.
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    Customer Experience Audit
    Deliver a Superior Standard of Care in the “Age of the Customer” through DALBAR’s CXA program.
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    Discover expert research bringing you insight into the world of financial services for
    web, mobile, e-delivery, statements, security, investor behavior and more.

DALBAR at a Glance

DALBAR, Inc. is the financial community’s leading independent expert for evaluating, auditing and rating business practices, customer performance, product quality and service. Launched in 1976, DALBAR has earned the recognition for consistent and unbiased evaluations of Investment companies, registered investment advisers, insurance companies, broker/dealers, retirement plan providers and financial professionals.

DALBAR awards are recognized as marks of a superior standard of care in the financial community.

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What's New

6/17 Eaton Vance introduced a new tax calculator that supports both shareholders and advisors.  The calculator is designed to help the shareholder gain a more complete understanding of the taxes they pay on investments.  Many factors are taken into consideration such as income level, tax filing status,geographical residence and more.  The new calculator allows for a comparison of after-tax income and evaluates any tax consequences from selling securities. - Brooke Halloran

6/17 Article from CNBC Make It mentions DALBAR's Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior in, "How to take advantage of all the uncertainty with the stock market". - Jamie Josephs

6/14 Further enhancing its security protocols, Empower Retirement has added multi-factor authentication to its website. The user is able to designate the destination of the authentication code and easily change that destination.  Registering their device will alleviate the need to provide the code each time users log-in. - Brooke Halloran

6/13 Our blog series Core Principles for Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience continues with Principle #3, A Service Culture is Paramount! - by Brendan Yeager

6/12 With the release of Reg BI, DALBAR CMO Cory Clark, continues his series on mitigating conflicts of interest. This installment (Part 4) looks at the use of computer models to eliminate conflicts of interest and uses ERISA as a guidepost for its implementation. - by Cory Clark

More of What's New

Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior ("QAIB")

More Content, More Value, Giving Clients Greater Perspective

QAIB has been measuring the shortfall of the average investor for 25 years. Learn More

Registered Fiduciary (RFTM)

Profit from a Superior Standard of Care

Learn more about how to become a Registered Fiduciary (RFTM)
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News & Stories

Investors are losing thousands trying to 'time' the market

Dalbar also found that over a 30-year period it gets worse — the average investor loses almost 6 percent a year compared with the market's return.

NY Post | 5/5/2019


The signal for avoiding market’s next painful downturn comes from within

...But after reading my column last week about the Dalbar Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior study showing just how lousy investor timing was in 2018, he wanted help to improve his timing...

The Seattle Times | 4/10/2019


WEALTH HEALTH: Investors failed the downturn test of 2018

The latest Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior study from Dalbar Inc. showed that average investors lagged the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index both in good times and bad during 2018, but investors got it the most wrong late in the year when the market got ugly.

Dalbar’s study, which has measured investment results compared to the market for a quarter-century now, has long shown that investments do better than investors. The problem is that investors typically buy into stocks and funds only after there has been a run of good performance and bail out when they suffer declines.

Wicked Local | 4/12/2019


Wealth Matters: Stock market ‘guru’ same as ‘charlatan’

We are all influenced by our emotions, our hopes and fears. Such is being human. But these emotions do not always lead to the best decisions. When you add our attitudes about money to the mix, the results can be quite complicated.

Daily Republic | 4/8/2019


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