Offering anything other than a robust and captivating online pre-sale and account opening experience is one quick way to hamper the sales process whether with self-directed, robo-advisor or managed account clients.

An ineffective account opening process showcases a less than stellar first impression, to say the least.

Drilling Down on the Experience

This report delves into four areas of the online account opening experience:

  • The Pre-Sale Component – How firms and their products are presented to potential clients
  • The Account Application Process and Level of Support Offered – Once the decision has been made to do business with the firm, the ease of beginning that process and the support offered throughout
  • The Mobile Component – The degree to which mobile availability is stressed – for both account opening, and ongoing account management
  • The Emphasis on Security – How users are made to feel secure both during application and moving forward with the account

Featured Firms

The State of the Industry - Online Account Opening report highlights the best-in-class practices of the following firms:

BettermentMerrill Lynch
CapitalOneMotif Investing
Charles SchwabScottrade
E*TRADETD Ameritrade
InvisorWells Fargo


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