For the period ending 12/31/2019, the Premium Edition contains everything in the Standard Edition plus additional, exclusive content and tools:

  • A White Paper on Hypothetical Outcomes of Crisis Periods
  • 30-year annualized returns
  • More categories of Average Investors:
    • Active Fund Investors
    • Passive Funds Investors
    • Target Date Funds Investors
    • 9 Different Size & Style Fund Investors
    • 8 Different Sector Funs Investors
  • 1-hour of consulting, which could include but is not limited to:
    • Calculation of your firm’s Average Investor Return
    • Average Investor Returns for customized timeframes
    • Support in the use of customized communications

Copyright Restrictions
Purchasers of this report do not need to buy the "Copyrights Add-on" as those copyrights are included with this full version. Rights to use portions of the content of this report are granted on the condition the user makes required regulatory disclosures and sources QAIB and DALBAR as appropriate. Rights to redistribute printed or electronic copies of this complete report to clients is not permissible. Rights to post this report to the world wide web is not permissible. These rights are conveyed to purchasers for their own use and are limited to their own specific publications.

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