In the spring of 2018, DALBAR will identify the current state of e-Delivery in Financial Services and report on:

  • Annual Savings per client for each type of document.
  • Best Practices used to achieve higher adoption rates.
  • Recommendations based on the principles of behavior-centric communication strategies for overcoming client objections.
  • Social media and how it is being used to influence adoption.
  • Adoption Rates for the most common communications sent to investors
  • e-Delivery Methods used most frequently
  • Formats used
  • Length of time documents are archived

DALBAR will host an e-Delivery Roundtable. This roundtable is a one-day event, held in the Fort Point section of Boston on May 15, 2018. The Roundtable will include:

  • A presentation from DALBAR experts based on historical trends and highlights from the 2018 e-Delivery Benchmarks Study.
  • Presentations by identified industry leaders in maximizing savings through electronic delivery of investor communications
  • Peer exchange of experiences and insights that can help address specific challenges and issues

Additional attendees from the same firm enjoy a reduced registration fee of $750 per attendee.



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